The environs

The Domaine Le Clôt is situated in the ‘Monts de Lacaune’, a middle high mountain chain that makes the northern limit of the Natural Reserve ‘Haute Languedoc’. Nearby, on a distance of 4, 5 km., is Lacaune, a former spa-town, known for his healing sources. Lacaune is a regional centre with all possible provisions, as a modern well equipped swimming pool and a local history museum. Le Clôt lies on the slopes of the ‘Pic de Montalet’, the highest top of the ‘Mountains of Lacaune’ (1259 m), nearby the little village of Les Vidals.

Pic-de-MotaletThe ‘Monts de Lacaune’ are known for their exceptional flora and fauna. Because of the situation on the limits of the Mediterranean and Atlantic climates there exists a great diversity of plants, animals and birds. For amateurs of nature a real paradise!
In the extensive forests remain boars, deer and other wildlife. In the sky fly goshawks, falcons and buzzards, in the night you will hear the owls. The trunks of the trees are overgrown with lichens, testifying of the pureness of the air. In the meadows you will find many flowers, and even rare varieties of orchids.

The imposing scenery is of a great variety. Nearby there are tree lakes, with all the possibilities of aquatic sports. To the north is the department ‘Aveyron’, with the Natural Reserve ‘Les Grandes Causses’.

Omgeving camping le clotTo the East and the South you will find the department ‘Hérault’, with a Mediterranean climate. The ‘Caroux’ mountain chain makes the limit to the Mediterranean plains with their extensive vineyards. To the west is the ‘Sidobre’, a magnificent granite landscape changing in the plains extending beyond Toulouse. The limits in the South are the ‘Montagne Noir’, the black mountains.

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